The MBA-FSI provides high potentials from the banking, insurance and investment industry with a unique programme addressing the challenges faced by financial services managers. Through industry-specific case studies, business simulations, guest speakers and company visits, MBA-FSI combines management insights with hands-on business experience. Furthermore, MBA-FSI introduces participants to financial services in a global context by organizing modules in different financial services markets: Belgium (Ghent-Brussels) – Germany/Switzerland (Öhningen–St. Gallen–Zurich) – UK (London) –... READ MORE
  • Degree MBA
  • Study Type Full-time
  • Study Length 18 months
  • Start Date September
  • Tuition Fees 48,000 EUR
Modules (20)
  • Getting plugged in
  • Understanding the economic context
  • Crafting the right strategy
  • Creating value in the insurance industry
  • Self-awareness: you as a leader
  • Creating and communicating customer value
  • Reaching out to the customer
  • Managing financial services in a digital world
  • Winning through employees
  • Being a responsible leader
  • How to create value with finance related decisions
  • Understanding global financial systems and financial in...
  • Managing risk from a holistic perspective
  • Creating value with financial and risk management
  • Managing a bank
  • Managing in a cross-cultural environment
  • Exploiting the full potential of IT
  • Being an ethical and sustainable financial services ins...
  • Building an agile organisation
  • Challenging the status quo
Entry requirements
  • Work Experience : 8 - Substantial amount of work experience (at least 8 years)
  • Other : Admission requirements:

    • Academic educational background
    • Substantial amount of work experience (at least 8 years)
    • Minimum age: 28 years
    • Relevant management experience
    • Mature personality
    • Identified as high potential within the firm

    Our highly selective admissions process is designed to build a diverse and ambitious group. Applications are processed on a rolling basis. As the number of places in the MBA-FSI group is limited, we strongly recommend that you apply early

    1. Check your eligibility
    To be accepted as a participant in the MBA-FSI programme, you must:
    • hold an academic degree (at least 3 years normal study duration, minimum 180 ECTS credits) from an academic institution recognised by the relevant authorities of the institution’s home country
    • have an outstanding professional history with at least 8 years of full-time, business-related working experience since graduation
    • have relevant management experience in the area of financial services
    • have a mature personality
    • be identified as a high potential within your organization
    Not sure about your eligibility? Contact us!

    2. Send in your MBA-FSI application package, including:
    • application form – see page 28 of this brochure, or use the online form via our website (
    • current CV
    • recommendation letter in which your company explicitly supports your candidature and identifies you as a
    ‘high potential’
    • copy of university diploma

    3. Take the MBA-FSI admissions interview
    During this face-to-face, or remote (via Skype, phone, …) interview, we assess your personality, professional and managerial experience, English language skills, interpersonal skills and motivation.
  • Degree MBA
  • Study Type Full-time
  • Study Length 18 months
  • Start Date September
  • Tuition Fees 48,000 EUR