The Master of Advanced Business Studies is designed to offer students with a background in business or management science an additional and advanced curriculum in business research methodology. The programme allows participants to deepen their knowledge in a number of substantive areas, both conceptually and methodologically. Its courses are not designed to offer a general management background, but instead to provide in-depth, specialised treatment of business research methodology. The purpose of the programme is to familiarise students with current research practices in business and management... READ MORE
  • Degree Masters
  • Study Type Full-time
  • Study Length 12 months
  • Start Date September
  • Tuition Fees 1,400 EUR
Modules (27)
  • Core Courses: Combinatorial Optimisation and Local Sear...
  • Advanced Econometrics
  • Multivariate Statistics
  • Advanced Time Series Analysis
  • Applied Game Theory
  • Economics of Information
  • Optimisation: Special Topics
  • Statistical Modelling
  • Statistics for Finance and Insurance
  • Actuarial and Financial Models
  • Electives:Architecture and Modelling of Management Info...
  • Asset Prices: Basic Models and Tests
  • Simulation Theory and Applications
  • Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence
  • The Empirics of Financial Markets
  • Advanced Industrial Economics
  • Bibliometrics as a Research Field
  • Economics and Strategy of Innovation
  • Advanced Applied Econometrics
  • Survey Methodology
  • Experimental Design
  • Multi-agent Systems
  • Advanced Non-life Insurance Mathematics
  • Advanced Life Insurance Mathematics
  • Selected Research Topics
  • Consumer Behaviour Research
  • Structural Equations
Entry requirements
  • IELTS : 7 - IELTS (minimum score 7)
  • TOEFL : 575 - TOEFL (minimum score 575 paper-based, 233 computer-based, 90 internet-based)

    Applicants must hold either of the following:
    o a master's degree in business studies or applied economics
    o a master's degree in another field, provided that the basics of business have been covered and the other elements in the application file are outstanding
    and should have a sound background in mathematics and statistics.

    Academic performance should be above average (e.g. applicants should have obtained distinction). Admissibility is evaluated by the faculty on the basis of the required documents provided by the applicant (see for the application procedure)


    All applicants have to submit a satisfactory score on one of the following internationally recognized test of English language proficiency:
    - TOEFL (minimum score 575 paper-based, 233 computer-based, 90 internet-based)
    - IELTS (minimum score 7)
    No other proficiency tests will be accepted.
    An exemption from TOEFL or IELTS is possible for applicants with a university degree or high school degree earned in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom or the USA: the certified diploma and transcripts suffice, provided they confirm that the entire study was completed in English


    All applicants should provide the following documents:
    - certified copies of transcripts, degrees and, if available, a ranking indication
    - a GMAT- or GRE-score. A GRE- or a GMAT-test result above the 90th percentile on the quantitative part normally entails immediate admission, provided all other requirements are met as well.
    -two recommendation forms , filled out and signed, and mailed in a closed envelope signed over the lid by the referee to the Faculty of Economics and Business, Campus Leuven. Forms not provided in a closed envelope signed across the lid by the referee will be regarded as void. The recommendation forms can also be mailed directly by the referee to
    - a letter of motivation written and signed by the applicant, explaining the choice for Leuven and for this particular programme

    The faculty evaluates all applications and has the final say on the admissibility of the applicant, taking into account the relevant information. Application files will not be processed as long as they are incomplete.
  • Degree Masters
  • Study Type Full-time
  • Study Length 12 months
  • Start Date September
  • Tuition Fees 1,400 EUR